Union Pacific 5727

Cantrell's Crossing

Welcome to my milepost on the Internet. Digital photography and GPS have been coupled with software technologies to capture some history of Mayberry Township, IL and Southeastern Illinois Railroads. Information on submarines, software code, and other resources is also available on my site.

Fall Farming
Mayberry Township, Illinois

Admiral McKee asked what was in Hamilton County and my reply was "Corn fields and coal mines". It is also where I was born and the lifelong home of many of my relatives.

Remembering My Roots
Dave Cantrell Flickr Photo
Flickr Photos

A selection of photographs from my personal collection is available on Flickr.

Dave's Viewfinder
SSBN 629
Southern Illinois Railroads

What began as a tribute to my grandfather's B & O Railroad career grew into a digital history of the railroads built in southeastern Illinois.

All Aboard
SSBN 629
US Navy Submarines

Located within the depths of the world's oceans, the front lines of freedom are defended by members of the Silent Service.

Dive, Dive
Grady Smith Books
Grady Smith Books

Grady Smith is a military historian and great friend.  His literary creations include both fiction and nonfiction in the form of books and plays.   I created his web site using the Materialize Front-end Framework.

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